Meet Tweaken, a Belgium techno producers/deejay & performers duo from  Brussels. They saw the light of producing in 2014. 

Their sounds vary between techno rhythms and progressive trance melodies. Each Live performance is played on midi controllers, sequencers, drumcomputers and supported by midi video projections. 
With their live performances all over Belgium @ famous clubs as “La Rocca”, “Ricci Lounge Bar”, “Rockerill” and also @ Paleis 12 Brussel on Holographic Dimension as DJ contest winners, Tweaken are gaining support by the techno fans.
Last summer, Tweaken also performed @ Ibiza on several parties and live radio shows!
Recently TWEAKEN won the DJ-contest of ‘Holographic Music Dimensions’ @ Paleis 12 Brussels.
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Their first trackrelease @ GLB is called “Level 4” (released in April 2017)
“French Kisses” followed up and is available @ your music store! (released on September 1st!)
Previous progressive techno track “Illusion”, was released on February 21st ’18,
On August 15th 2019, a remake of Illusion was released , called DELUSION. 

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Some of the events

TWEAKEN has won the contest and played live on 14/10/2017!

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