Meet Rick de Hey…

Born on the 11th of April 1984 in Flanders Belgium. By 1990, at the age of 6, Rick was already playing the piano. The start of his love for music…
Attending music school by the age of 10 he was unstoppable. Learning the first steps of singing, playing the guitar en improve his piano skills he kept moving forward.

For his 14th birthday he bought himself a small mixer and started to take his first steps as a DJ.
One year later he got his first residence at a local bar where he fell in love with dj’ing.
Building a career for himself, his skills were quickly picked up in his home region and he became a well known local DJ by the age of 18.
Later on Rick discovered the music producing scene. His first tracks were not really that pro but he always kept going on with developing his sounds. In 2009 he signed his first record deal, a start of a new adventure in the music producing world!
From then on he has been experimenting to find his ‘thing’ and finetuning his sounds.
His goal is making new tracks every year, making people dance!
Giving people a splash of his love for music.
With the track “Tiramisu” signed at GLB Records, Rick is sharing his sounds with you… Real Belgium club house with a bit of retro house sounds in the track and a sublime break, a catchy melody and a positive vibe… this is the pakkage you will be enjoying listening to “Tiramisu”.