Meet DJ InEffect, one of the U.S. Northwest’s premiere DJ’s.  What makes this DJ a favorite is his ability to spin every genre with finesse. DJ InEffect got his start spinning records at a bright young age of 9, mixing records and tapes together using the pause button on the tape deck to match tempo.

DJ InEffect has provided music for the GAP Fashion Shows in London, Paris, Rome and Milan. Has spun the Backstage VIP parties for various artists including Outkast, Moby, R.E.M and Dave Matthews just to name a few. What makes DJ InEffect fans so devoted is his vibrant style and love of music and dancing. In the middle of sets you could find DJ InEffect dancing in the midst of the crowd enjoying the music as much as the audience.


GLB Records is proud to have DJ InEffect as an artist. His first release @ GLB was called “Resurrection” and already you can enjoy the new smashing EDM bigroom track “Revelation”, launched on November 8th 2017.

“Revolution”, released in February 2019 gained many attention at the States! A track about the yellow vests protests in Paris…


For this summer InEffect has two new tracks: More Fire & “Already Full” NOW AVAILABLE on your records music store!

Next release is called “Take My Heart”… Stay Tuned!

OUT NOW >> "MORE FIRE" #vocal dance

OUT NOW >> "ALREADY FULL" #vocal dance


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