Meet “ESSOR” …

Techno producer from Brussels Belgium. “As far as I can remember I have been addicted to Techno. All day long the rhythm floats through my head. Every building site, refrigerator or machine with some rhythmic sound makes me think of those perfectly free moments on the dancefloor. It’s this irresistible urge that got me into producing and performing.”


When he was 15 years old, he started DJ’ing with vinyl…a daily outlet as a kid. Essor looked up to the well known producers such as Dave Clarke and Jeff Mils. Learning their tricks on the decks was his primary occupation. But after a while Essor started looking for much more freedom to express himself through Techno music. That is how he got into producing and live performing.


“Playing live Techno gives me the ultimate freedom to express myself.”

The concept of his live setup is: “if I don’t do anything, nothing will change”. So pushing buttons and twisting knob’s is what you will see Essor doing. He doesn’t like prepared playlists or anything to prefabricated. The only thing he needs is a good setup with his own material, a loose structure and lots of creativity in the moment with lots of love for Techno!


“I want to share my love for Techno with others by playing my music”.

Essor wants to contribute to the scene and make creative stuff by himself or with other artists. He wants to continue to develop his skills as a producer and keep exploring the unlimited creativity that is the electronic music world.


Essor’s first GLB Records release is a fact, called “En France” so get your copy now.

“En France” is a techno track where we do not spend a lot of words on, it’s just great techno music for fans who enjoy known artists like UMEK, JEFF MILS, CHARLOTTE DE WITTE …

Enjoy it on your music store!