Meet A.J.Sun, with music that flows through her blood, A.J. Sun was playing several instruments when she was 4 years old! Finding the right melody was never a problem.Her favorite time bands were Iron Maiden, Judas Priest & Toto… Heavy metal music, triggered A.J. Sun for making her own music! She always wanted to play guitar like Yngwie Malmsteen, Brian May and Steve Vay and after some years she succeeded properly…


By playing the piano and making several melodies, A.J. Sun rolled into the world of dance music. Under the name TLD with the track “Como Te Quiero” & Prism with “Edge Of Heaven”, A.J. has proven herself in the Belgium music scene. Later on she wrote several songs for Minimalistix, a dance act that was succesful in Europe. Not only House, but also other genres as Drum & Bass,

Trance, Pop, Rock and even Classical Jazz are not unknown to A.J. Sun.


“The Money We Thirst” was first released @ GLB Records on February 5th 2017 followed by the solo track “One And Only” 


“Alone” by A.J. Sun is the latest vocal dance release featuring the young talented Abigail K.

Available on all music stores… Enjoy it!!!